Trust Services

Trust, Entrusted

When it comes to fiduciary services, Fortner, Bayens, Levkulich & Garrison (FBLG) is well-equipped to get the job done.  We work with dozens of Trust Departments and Trust Companies with assets under management from $100MM to $3B, to ensure compliance with federal, state and IRS requirements.  From Trust Examinations to Employee Benefit Audits to preparation of trust and estate tax return, FBLG has unmatched expertise in this complex and regulated arena.  

How, you ask?
  • Overall fiduciary risk assessments
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Review of account administration
  • Review of operational controls
  • Verification of assets held
  • Review of efficiency and profitability

What else?

  • Preparation of trust tax returns
  • Preparation of estate and gift tax returns
  • Audit of Employee Benefit Plans
  • Preparation of returns for EB Plans

What risk-assessment services do your offer?

We stay on top of regulatory changes and new fiduciary laws to keep you abreast of all need-to-know information. We make this happen through custom-built services that makes sense for your trust scenarios.

What about compliance?

When it come to administration, we stay on the pulse of personnel compliance—here’s how:

  • Independent procedural reviews
  • Committee approval verification
  • Regulatory update notification
  • Asset-investment compliance checks
  • Best-practice account assessments
  • Written reporting and documentation 


The FBLG experience is unmatched—here’s why:

•  Specialized expertise in the banking and finance industry

•  20+ years average experience among shareholders

•  Ongoing, one-to-one engagement

•  Consistency and accountability

•  No hidden charges—just sensible financial advice

Next Steps

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