Asset Review Services

Your Portfolio—in the Clear.

There’s nothing like a seasoned expert tackling potential dings on your loan portfolio—before they even happen. Our professionals have worked within the banking industry and regulatory agencies an average two decades apiece. We count COOs, loan officers and internal auditors among our asset review team.

Our services include:

  • Loan portfolio reviews
  • Loan documentation
  • Due diligence
  • Allowance for loan-and-lease-losses analysis

How do you access my loan portfolio?

The state of your FI’s loan portfolio is paramount to positive growth and future success. We sample what you have to obtain a fair representation and test against it, including:

  • Examining general underwriting practices
  • Verifying loan-grading accuracy
  • Assessing credit-monitoring methods
  • Rating cash-flow analysis
  • Identifying regulatory issues
  • Reviewing allowance-for-loan and loan-and-lease-loss methodology


The FBLG experience is unmatched—here’s why:

  • Specialized expertise in the banking and finance industry
  • 20+ years average experience among shareholders
  • Ongoing, one-to-one engagement
  • Consistency and accountability
  • No hidden charges—just sensible financial advice

Next Steps

Our subject-matter expert Daniel R. McDonald is ready to talk asset-review services with you.

Regulatory Compliance

Monitoring your outstanding regulatory needs—from compliance and ACH reviews to BSA support


Tax Services

Investigation of your tax offerings—form regulatory compliance to planning to maximize savings


IT Risk Management

Profiling your level of IT and security service—from vulnerability assessments to cybersecurity


Audit Services

Support for audits designed exclusively for financial institutions—from directors’ exams to M&A


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