2018 Independent Bank Compensation Survey

30th Anniversary Edition

2018 marks our 30th year conducting the annual compensation survey! Many of you are long-time participants and we welcome your participation again this year. Our free survey reports analyze the compensation levels of key positions, bonus data and the benefit plans of banks throughout the United States. 

Participate in the 2018 Survey

To participate in the 2018 Survey simply complete the survey online or submit a mailed survey card with your bank's compensation data. 

Click here to complete the survey online

Click here to request a mailed survey card

  • Submit a survey card request form and you will receive a survey card in the mail within one week. Complete the survey card and mail it back to us to participate in the survey. 

Overview of Survey Reports

All reports are free of charge!

The Generic Report is a comprehensive compensation analysis of all survey submissions for the following positions:

  • Executive staff and key positions in operations, lending, IT and compliance 
  • Branch managers, tellers, customer service representatives
  • Inside and Outside Directors
  • Analysis of bonus pay, benefit plans and health insurance

What makes our compensation survey so unique are the Custom Reports. You will receive a Custom Survey Report when you submit your bank's demographic and compensation information. The Custom Report compares your bank's data to its peer group in regards to:

  • Asset Size
  • Community Type 
  • Geographic Location

Your bank's data is securely maintained and strictly confidential. 2018 Survey Reports will be available at the end of September. To whet your appetite for the valuable information we provide, check out our 2017 Survey Reports below. 

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Kaitlyn Dowd at dowdk@fbl-cpa.com. 

2017 Survey Reports

The 2017 Independent Bank Compensation Survey Report was based on 244 responses from community banks in 34 states. Below is a link to the generic results of the 2017 Independent Bank Compensation Survey. 

2017 Generic Survey Report
2017 Custom Survey Reports

These peer comparison reports include average and median values for banks comparable to your bank. Click the button below to input your demographic information. If you would like to see your bank's compensation data on your custom reports enter those figures as well. (Click here to get a 2017 sample survey card.) We will instantly provide you with a customized PDF report.

Custom Demographic Report

Custom Compensation and Demographic Report