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Topic: General Interest

Changes to Securities Transaction Settlement Cycle

A notice of proposed rule change by the FDIC and OCC would shorten the settlement cycle for securities purchased or sold to two business days. Shorter than the previous settlement cycle of three days. The new rule would align with the SEC's new industry standard of two days.

Recruiting Millennials into the Banking Industry

Banks need to reevaluate their hiring strategies, appeal to more millennial workers to ensure their successful secession planing. Banks understand the lack of talent, but high turnover rates expected over the next five years, banks need to energize their hiring strategies now.

Expansion of Cardless Cash Access at ATMs

The service with Cardtronics allows bank customers to access and withdraw funds from ATMs without the use of debit or ATM card, using their mobile banking phone applications.

Benefits of Switching to a Dot-Bank Domain

In 2015, fTLD Registry Service, LLC, helped create a dot-bank top-level domain as a choice for legitimate financial institutions. We have seen an increase in the use of the dot-bank domain, and it appears to be a beneficial move for both banks and bank customers.

OCC Issues Revised Procedures for Termination of Federal Charter

The OCC issued the "Termination of Federal Charter" booklet that includes procedures and requirements for bank terminations. The new 2017 booklet replaces its predecessor issued in 1998.