Wedding Bells

It’s time to embrace the glories of autumn: golden-leaved aspens, acorns and pumpkin-spiced flavored everything at Starbucks. For wedding planners, the fall season marks the end of peak wedding season and a hiatus from bridezillas, rowdy groomsmen and endless champagne flutes. This wedding season at FBLG, Marissa has been swamped with all her wedding plans. Not her own wedding, she is already happily married, but the weddings of her best friend, brother-in-law and older sister.

Between the dress fittings, shoe shopping and bachelorette party planning it’s been a hectic wedding season! It all started with her best friend’s wedding. Marissa, as the Matron of Honor, was tasked with giving a speech at the reception. She gave a beautiful speech and even sang a remixed Taylor Swift song for her best friend. (click here to see the video) 

The two following weddings were much less stressful. Marissa’s sister-in-law had her ceremony in Lyons, Colorado at the same venue as Marissa’s wedding. This weekend is the final wedding ceremony for her older sister. With no pressure to give a speech or sing in front of over 100 people, Marissa will be able to relax and enjoy the final fall wedding of the season.