July Folk Feature - Let's Go Abroad

July may just be the best summer month. In case you missed it, the first half of July has been packed with national holidays and momentous sporting competitions.

It all started with Canada Day, followed by Wimbledon, the Fourth of July, and most recently Bastille Day in France. Their national holiday was upstaged by their own World Cup victory the very next day.

July also has had the best food holidays. National ice cream day ushered in national hot dog day, which of course leads to national tequila day and then, before you know it, the month concludes with national lasagna and cheesecake day. I think it’s fair to say that July is not the best month to start a juice cleanse, liver detox, or otherwise undertake a salubrious lifestyle metamorphosis.

With all the bedlam, it is no wonder that Argentina’s Independence Day on July 9th passed by without garnering much attention. However, this oversight will be rectified, with a little help from FBLG’s Val Stark in this month’s folk feature.

If you’ve ever met Val, you’ll probably have noticed that she has an accent. It’s a subtle accent, not like you’re talking to Sofia Vergara, Conor McGregor or any member of the Duck Dynasty family. Even I, the polyglot that I am, had to ask Val where she was from when we first met. And it turns out that she is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She speaks Spanish and English fluently and she came to the US in 2002 as an exchange student.  

Val highly recommends folks visit her home country, which boasts delicious food, world-renowned wine and haute couture fashion. Argentina is also famous for Patagonia, the Falkland Islands and wine country in Mendoza. And, believe it or not, Argentinians don’t really celebrate their Independence Day. At least not like we do here in the US, according to Val.