The FIFA World Cup is taking over news outlets, social media and our sport news app notifications. One of the captive World Cup watchers is our own Cullen Woomer, Staff Auditor for FBLG, and one of a handful of genuine soccer fans in the USA. His perspective on soccer is both refreshing and may just persuade you to decide to spend 90 minutes of your life watching folks run up and down a field hoping that a successful match ends in a tie. 

So Cullen, why do you love soccer and how did you get interested in the sport?

I like soccer because of the free-flowing form of the game that calls for constant positioning awareness of teammates, opposing team’s tactics, spontaneous creativity, and dubious drama.

I started playing soccer at the age of 5, which can be boiled down to youngsters wearing oversized jerseys and knotted up cleats running around a patchy-green field trying their hardest to get a ball into a net by mere luck. All the while, there is a mob of parents shouting arrays of encouragement to will their kids to victory. My brother started playing soccer 3 years prior to my initiation into the game and like any young-older brother relationship; I wanted to be just like him. 

Who is your favorite team and favorite player?

Bayern Munich has been my favorite soccer team since the European Cup of 2004. The European Cup is another international tournament involving only European team. There were a few players that I thoroughly enjoy to watch including, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Michael Ballack, both of whom played for Bayern. 

Who are you cheering for in the World Cup since the USA team did not qualify?

With the US being a shameful admission to this year’s World Cup, I go with my second team: Germany. However, being a fan of the lore of the game, I enjoy being a part of the age of legends like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. If either three of these teams, Germany, Portugal and Argentina, win the Jules Rimet (World Cup Trophy) I would be satisfied.

If i were a betting woman, who would you recommend I bet to win the World Cup this year?

I believe the team with the best chance to win the World Cup is with Germany or France.

And what do you think of the of USA/Canada/Mexico bid to host the next World Cup?

I am very excited to have the World Cup hosted here in the United States and to finally go to the most watched and anticipated sporting event in the world. 

Finally, tell me (and all our readers) why we should watch the World Cup and soccer in general. 

It is easy for most people in America to  dislike the sport for all the diving and tedious pace of the game. But if you can imagine the athleticism and endurance it would take to run, sprint and jump for an hour and an half then you may find more of an appreciation.