FBLG Fantasy Football Champions - Charles & Philip

Charles Tolen and Philip Schuyler won first and second place in our firm's fantasy football league this year. They have been playing fantasy for a combined 17 years! 

Charles, our reigning champion, was the firm's fantasy commissioner and the  league's underdog after his quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, broke his collarbone in Week 6 of the regular season. Luckily, for Charles, his strategy from the beginning was to "draft for value" and he chose players that would "have a higher volume of usage and who would "provide a good floor nearly every week." His key player, Kareem Hunt, was the third highest scoring running back and kept Charles in the hunt for the championship title. Charles' fantasy experience and strategy ensured an underdog victory! Charles has been with FBLG for two years and when he isn't scheming over his fantasy spreadsheets he plays outdoor volleyball. 

Philip, the second place winner, had a subtly cunning strategy that gave him a few unexpected victories. But his tactics cannot be bought or bargained for and remain "top secret." His key player, Le'Veon Bell of the Pittsburgh Steelers, kept Philip alive in the playoffs and got him to the championship game! Born in Houston, Texas Philip grew up in Aurora, Colorado and attended school at Colorado State University and the University of Colorado Denver. Philip has been with the firm for a total of eight and a half years.
Look for the next FBLG Folk Feature in the February Newsletter. The Winter Olympics and Valentine's Day themed features to come.